If someone were to ask me of a sure fire way to get some self-evolution happening, then I would, without a doubt, tell them to start a blog.

I don’t know if I can even pinpoint exactly what it is about a blog that is such a catalyst for inner reflection.

Perhaps it is the barriers that you need to break through in order to be brave enough to expose yourself online.

Perhaps it is the incredible people you get to meet along the way.

Or perhaps it is the simple fact that sitting down to write about the things that really matter in life – health, love, self evolution, and all of that inner work – forces you to get right down and dirty with it.

This is a blog post for anyone who has ever considered starting a blog. Or anyone who has toyed with the idea of stepping into their passion and starting a business that pulses love, evolution, and change out into the world.
When I started Simply Replenished in November 2012, I thought I was creating a website that would house practical, scientific nutritional information, with a few personal stories thrown in here and there to keep it interesting. As it turns out, as much as nutrition plays a very high role in my life and my work, it is the real life emotions and journey that took front seat.


Along the way I devoured many different articles, courses, and eBooks on how I could be a better writer, a better communicator, and a better ME.

I started coaching with Rachel MacDonald when I was still on quite unstable feet. I didn’t really know what my message was. I still hadn’t settled into the depths of my own voice, and I was, to be honest, still a little bit underwater when it came to juggling life with a one year old and a growing business.

Rachel was a godsend. She still is. She continually picked me back up, brushed me off, and gave me clear direction on how to proceed with this blog and business that I adored so much.


When she released her eCourse Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted, I jumped straight in without even looking over the edge first. I didn’t need to. I trusted Rachel.

And boy was I right to trust her.

This eCourse is beyond a doubt the best I have done when it comes to practical, relevant, and visually stunning content that will signpost your way to where you want to go.

I proudly put my hand up to affiliate for this course because I think it is brilliant.

If you know Rachel’s work, then I don’t have to convince you. If you haven’t yet been introduced, then be prepared to fall in love. When someone has as much intelligence, genuine compassion, and a message of living a magical life as she does, then there is no room for anything but onward and upward.

What does this course teach you ? It teaches you how to write like you. Sounds easy, I know, but trust me it isn’t. Rachel has created beautiful step-by-step processes for uncovering what you actually want to say, and how to say it. All whilst retaining your own unique and brilliant voice.

But it doesn’t end there. The amount of practical “how-to” information is bountiful. It will leave you feeling supported, confident, and ready to forge your own beautiful path. If you are even slightly intrigued by what this course could do for you, then click HERE to hear all the gorgeous details from Rachel herself.

Hand on heart – I adore this course.

Come feast your eyes on what’s involved by clicking HERE.

p.s. Any questions you have about my experience with this brilliant eCourse, please fire away ! I’m more than happy to answer xo


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