Chantal Roder

I just get blown away by how many beautiful, TRULY beautiful, people I have met over the last few years. When you start to spark an interest in wellbeing, in health & love, then the circles of people who start to surround you are just divine. Chantal is one of the recipe contributors to my Read More

Nicole Perhne

Have you ever “met” someone online who you just instantly clicked with? That’s what it was like for me and Nikki. I was fortunate enough to go through my Health Coach training with this young lady, and she stood out amongst the crowd with a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Over the last couple of Read More

One of the best things about creating my seasonal cleanses has been getting to know my amazing contributors. It has been an honour to collaborate with some seriously talented women over the last year. The recipes in my cleanses have been ridiculously delicious, and the contributors for my Winter Cleanse have gone above and beyond Read More

Energy Experience

I wanted to share with you something that has been going on with me. Something that has had the most profound, most intense impact on my life, and has altered my entire perception of life. This something is the discovery of my chakras. The ability to FEEL my chakras. Literally. Physically. Intensely. I have to Read More

Meet Max. Max is my 2.5 year old son. He is the most amazing, beautiful, funny, and totally-drive-mum-insane little boy ever. And what I choose to feed him is of upmost importance to me. I believe that what we eat has a direct affect on how we experience the world. I believe this because of Read More

Have you ever noticed how mucky change can be? It gets messy, dirty, hard and complicated. Your once streamlined world gets shaken and stirred until you don’t recognize it anymore. Before you know it, you find yourself wrapped up in a cocoon and given a choice. You can A) fight and struggle, which has a Read More