Change of Game


At the risk of sounding – oh, I don’t know – a little “on trend”, 2014 was something of a life changer for me.

Looking back to the start of the year, it feels like there is an entirely different person peeking back at me. Such a shedding of layers. Such removal of blinders.

Here are the three biggest game changers that were revealed to me over this last year. Maybe they were revealed to you too ?

1. It’s ok to NOT worry about how people are judging you

Well … you would THINK I would know that by now. But, to be honest, I was born into this life as someone who liked to hide. Yes, I liked the spotlight on me every now and then, but that was always more to cater to the actress in me.

When it came to my real opinions, my own experiences in life, and my own arising emotions, these things tended to stay locked within the bounds of my own body and mind. It was even very rare to have the truth trickle onto the pages of a diary. Because even THAT felt too exposing.

The real awakening I had around this was that 90% of the time it was MY ego that was judging me. Honestly, I have said this before and I will say it again, when you start to break down the ego you get to see how INSANE the human mind can be !

And, besides, if I AM being judged by another, then this is only coming from their ego, not their higher self. And, just between you and me, I’m not out to please the egos of the world. I’m out to connect with the divine in everyone.

Namaste: The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.

If I feel that whisper of being too exposed and being too much “myself”, I whisper back, “Namaste”.

What’s to gain from letting this go?

  • Freedom of self
  • Expansive expression
  • Deeper & more soulful relationships
  • Massively reduced ‘reaction’ to judge others


2. Everyone is special. Like really special

Over the last year I have taken great pleasure and curiosity in the offering of my distant Reiki sessions. This is a practice that I have a little love affair with as it has been just as fulfilling for me as it is to the person I am channeling the healing for.

I can tell you, without single exception, that every Reiki session I have done has left me a little in awe. During every session I come across an energy that is so beautiful, so unique, and so powerful, it kinda leaves me breathless.

I finish those sessions giving that person an energetic hug. I feel a love for them that I would most likely have missed out on if I hadn’t been granted the opportunity to connect with them on an energetic level. To connect with the purest version of them. The one without the stacking of masks.

With leads me to the last mind-blowing point…


3. I (really honestly truly) have an energy body

And so do you.

And so does everyone. This, my friend, has been the most life altering thing that has EVER happened to me. It has changed how I interact in the world on a daily basis.

  • I meditate daily (after over 10 years of trying to be that diligent)
  • I get to feel energy shifting in every yoga pose (more on THAT one later)
  • I feel completely different about the process of death
  • I feel completely different about myself
  • I also feel completely different about YOU – my kindred

The shift from studying the theory of chakras, meridian lines, and rising kundalini, to experiencing it in my every day life leaves me on my knees in gratitude.


So there you have it. Life, as I know it, is completely different to what it was a year ago. It honestly makes me shake my head in wonder to think that I spent a good 36 years of my life, walking around with these energetic centres and pulsing energy, and having the ability to connect with people on the other side of the planet, without even realising it.

Kinda makes me wonder just what else we humans can do!

Ahhhhhhh. Life. I love you.

And, at the risk of sounding on trend TWICE in one blog post – I am deliciously excited about 2015. This year is going to see some amazing shifts in the world. I just know it.

And you? What were the biggest reveals that life allowed you to glimpse this year? Same-same? Or something different?

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  • Amy ~ OtherWiseLiving December 28, 2014, 9:14 am

    Inspiring stuff Jasmine!!
    How liberating to learn to speak your truth and be your truth. It’s such an easy thing for many of us to tell ourselves we do but I know for myself that when I really dig into it, there are so many times when fear of what others will think or how they will react or how things may change if I am REALLY true most likely, too often, holds me back.
    Your Distant Reiki session experiences are so inspiring to read of! Lucky humans getting that healing from you. I’m starting Reiki II in Jan with Sara…can’t wait!!
    Your Number 3 however, was my very favourite 🙂
    It makes me excited for what is to come, it gives me comfort for some of the darkness of life swimming around me of late and gently reminds me that ‘yes…you are on the right path towards a deeper, more connected experience with life.’
    Thank you & best wishes for your journey into 2015!

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